Robin Hannibal // Realer than real-deal Holyfield.

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Songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi instrumentalist and all around nice guy. Born & raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, he is now residing in Los Angeles. Make no mistake; this isn’t your run of the mill musician/ part-time waiter moving to L.A. chasing a dream: Robin Hannibal is realer than real-deal Holyfield.

Robin has made a name for himself by dropping one of the most well-received soul albums of the past 5 years and definitely one of my favorites, period: “Living with Owusu and Hannibal” with Phil Owusu.
Making noise with Boom Clap Bachelors, Non+ and Parallel Dance Ensemble doesn’t hurt either. Most recently Quadron with it’s self-titled album was named number 7 in New York Magazine’s top 10 of best albums of the year and was 1 of the headliners along Daft Punk at the Main stage of Bread & Butter to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Who ever said nice guys finish last?

I had the honor of collaborating with this guy in ’08 at the Red Bull Music Academy and his approach to music, his emphasis on chords and his natural manner of doing things were a great inspiration to me.
Now his solo EP ‘Bobby’ is released, fusing modern, abstract production with classic songwriting, why not ask him some questions and introduce him to those of you that don’t already know:

Q: Who is Bobby?
A: Bobby is me. That’s my nickname.

Q: What is the first record you have bought yourself?
A: It was four MJ albums. But that wasn’t the first thing I listened to though! It was the first one I bought with my own money (allowance)

Q: You’re living in LA now; Any Hank Moodyan adventures you need to disclose?
A: Hanging out and making music with Raphael Saadiq and Leon Ware, and an afterparty at Prince’s house in Bel Air too name a few!

Q: Who are you making Amends with, what is causing Pain & where is the Transition going?
A: I’m making Amends with my parents, I’m apologizing for anyone that I caused any Pain, and the Transition is going on as we speak.

Q: You’re known for collaborating and working on different projects; yet this is a solo endeavor: How did you go about recording this EP?
A: it was basically the same approach, I just thought why don’t I collect some of the songs and ideas that I like, and other collaborators and artists have passed on for different reasons, and use the same time on recording my vocals as I would do with theirs.

Q: Out of all the projects you have been a part of: which is the 1 that makes you the most proud? It’s sort of asking you which of your kids you love the most, I know, so events or particular comments on any of these projects are included.
A: It’s a tough one. They make me proud in different ways. Because my goal is always different. I want to try new things with every release, and that way keep developing and learn new things about music making and song writing. With this EP I wanted to challenge the conventions of the leftfield beat scene, and merge it with a more classic songwriting approach.

You have been involved with the Red Bull Music Academy for a while and have met and worked with a whole bunch of people across the board from participants to invited lecturers.

Q: Were there any personal heroes for you?
A: So so many. Some I didn’t even know before the lecture.) The one person that probably made the biggest impression on me was Wally Badarou.

Q: Could you predict certain participants blowing up the way they did? (I’m talking Hudson Mohawke, Onra, Jamie Woon)
A: Every one that I’ve met through working with RBMA, has been very talented in their own unique and special way. But then there are always some that fit the style and trends of the music scene better than others.

Q: Finally as a LA resident: Lakers or Clippers?

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